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Tanya York

Author of: "How to Make Money Making Movies"

Tanya York is the founder and CEO of York Entertainment, York International Inc, and Urban Girl productions, and specializes in producing and distributing high concept genre-driven independent films throughout the world. Ms York has enjoyed distribution in every major video retailer (including Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Big Lots, & Hollywood Video) nationwide. An expert in independent film production, Tanya York has produced 30 urban, action & horror feature films, creating a genre-specific “faster-cheaper-better” business model that is emulated industry-wide, and has put her at the forefront of the urban crossover movement. She foresaw the rise in global demand for independent films and programming and created a sales and marketing strategy that would initiate lucrative licensing deals for her films in over 100 countries worldwide. The Hollywood Reporter named Tanya one of Hollywood’s most influential women in 2002, and she’s currently enrolled in MIT’s Sloan Business School’s entrepreneurial program “Birthing of Giants,” an exclusive program designed to integrate leadership, practice and theory among the next generation of entrepreneurs.

"Tanya York and Randall Frakes gives no quarter in revealing the realities and challenges facing filmmakers in this currently mad and fragmented marketplace. Having written and produced more than a few major films myself, I can assure you that the joys, thrills, humor, and please-god-come-save-me-nightsweat-terrors of making movies are all honestly and accurately captured."

William Wisher Jr., Screenwriter/producer Die Hard 4: LiveFree or Die Hard

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