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Henry DeVries

Author of: "Pain Killer Marketing"

Henry DeVries, MBA, is a best-selling author and founder of the New Client Marketing Institute ( His mission is to provide the latest knowledge to those who want to sell more products and services. DeVries is a sought-after speaker where he reveals in fun and humorous ways more than 1,000 pragmatic strategies to achieve marketing returns of 400% to 2,000%.

"I was impressed by several things in your presentation ("Customer Input Drives Product Design and More" at the San Diego Software Industry Council): metrics that look forward - not backwards; customer-oriented metrics versus operational; .predictive measures; and why 'good' isn't good enough. ...You had good examples with metrics and supporting research."
- Kathleen Roulet Director - Marketing Orco Construction Supply

"As you promised, I've had to do work on my part. But it is work that has yielded far greater results than it could have on my own; this is because of all the work you do, your experience and your systems. We saw 5 times ROI within the first 12 months we began working with you, and with your help we were able to double the size of our business in a little over a year."
- Steve Fabry, President, Master Manuals, Inc.

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