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  • Lee B. Salz

    Lee B. Salz Lee B. Salz is a sales management guru who helps companies hire the right sales people, on-board them, and focus their sales activity. For over 18 years, Lee has built sales organizations, in both start-ups and turnarounds, for companies ranging from the Fortune 1000 to small firms. He works with clients to build high-performance sales organizations, using his sales architecture® methodology t... Read More
  • Todd Babbitt

    Todd Babbitt Todd Babbitt earned his first million at the age of 28. He is currently an investor, primarily in real estate and equities. From a net worth of zero and through common sense, persistence and a strong desire to gain wealth, he achieved just that. His successful business transactions were in the real estate market with a small portion coming from the stock market. He continues to build his net worth... Read More
  • Robert Bell

    Robert Bell Robert Bell: Once a middle class kid with poor grades and a rebellious streak, Bell, the founder of the Banana Boat sun care empire, became the model of success. After several mishaps, he started to focus his youthful energies on football and, later, business. Building Banana Boat from, literally, a garage operation to a global consumer products giant, Bell made several fortunes in the sun care in... Read More
  • Victor Benoun

    Victor Benoun Victor Benoun earned his first million at the age of 28. He is currently an investor, primarily in real estate and equities. From a net worth of zero and through common sense, persistence and a strong desire to gain wealth, he achieved just that. His successful business transactions were in the real estate market with a small portion coming from the stock market. He continues to build his net wort... Read More
  • Andrew Corbus

    Andrew Corbus Andrew Corbus is the Founder of Selling The Inside, a branding company focusing on both external and internal communication as a way to increase authenticity. A small business owner for over 15 years, Andrew has managed both service and retail business. As an Adjunct faculty member, Andrew has taught at the Bachelor's and Master's level in Marketing and Finance.... Read More
  • Maria De Lourdes Sobrino

    Maria De Lourdes Sobrino María de Lourdes Sobrino is Founder and CEO of Lulu's Dessert Corporation based in Anaheim, California. In 1982 Sobrino established her niche in the ready-to-eat gelatin dessert industry. From the initial production of 300 cups of gelatin a day, Lulu's Dessert has overcome many challenges and obstacles to become a leading player in the industry. Sobrino is a coveted speaker at industry, aca... Read More
  • Robert Deigh

    Robert Deigh Robert Deigh is a communications professional with 25 years of experience in public relations and journalism. He helps organizations -- from startups to Fortune 500 companies -- increase their visibility and build their brands by creating strong and positive relationships with the press and other audiences. He also trains executives to face the news media. Before starting his own PR firm, RDC Comm... Read More
  • Henry DeVries

    Henry DeVries Henry DeVries, MBA, is a best-selling author and founder of the New Client Marketing Institute ( His mission is to provide the latest knowledge to those who want to sell more products and services. DeVries is a sought-after speaker where he reveals in fun and humorous ways more than 1,000 pragmatic strategies to achieve marketing returns of 400% to 2,000%.... Read More
  • Maria Elita

    Maria Elita Face your Fears! Live Your Truth!’ Maria Elita is a miracle soul coach and international inspiration speaker. No matter what your challenge, she is a master at courageously delving into the darkness to illuminate the light; all inspired by her own journey of enduring survival. By the age of 30, Maria Elita had the dream life! Million dollar house, executive position, corporate husband, ... Read More
  • Marion Freijsen

    Marion Freijsen Marion Freijsen has been successful in expanding business activities for organizations in greenfield regions across Europe. She has sold, or managed a wide variety of technology solutions ranging from highly complex enterprise solutions to serving the specific demands of online trading markets. During the course of the past 20 years, Marion has set-up and managed offices in the UK, Germany, and th... Read More
  • Liz Goodgold

    Liz Goodgold Liz Goodgold is a marketing and branding expert, speaker, and author with over 25 years of experience working for Quaker Oats, Times Mirror, and Arco Oil. She is currently Chief Nuancer and CEO of The Nuancing® Group, an identity-consulting firm that helps companies understand the nuances of naming and branding.  Her clients include, Fair Isaac (of the FICO score fame), Uni... Read More
  • Bill Guertin

    Bill Guertin Bill Guertin's more than twenty years of real-world, on-the-street experience in broadcast sales, service sales, and marketing have given him a broad understanding of how and why people do the things they do. Bill has developed specific techniques proven effective in salesmanship, customer service, marketing, and time management. At the age of sixteen, Bill became one of the youngest licensed radi... Read More
  • Troy Hazard

    Troy Hazard There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived – from massive financial loss to stunning success. The entrepreneurial genius, who has founded and nurtured ten businesses over two decades, has been a few days from bankruptcy, has turned around businesses that were making enormous losses and has consulted to countless successful companies. &nb... Read More
  • Ron Kahoun

    Ron Kahoun Ron Kahoun is a partner of Sales Octane Inc. Ron started his in home selling career in 1986 selling wood decks for Sears. His entire career involved techniques to ensure a one call close. Ron has been a sales representative, regional marketing director and sales manager throughout his career.Before joining Sales Octane Inc., he was a national sales coach traveling 22 states coaching/training and t... Read More
  • Sherri McArdle

    Sherri McArdle Sherri Mcardle has more than 20 years of experience as a senior executive and working with leaders to help them achieve the clarity that enables meaningful and lasting change. Sherri's experience includes consulting within a broad range of public, private, family owned and not-for-profit organizations. These include, but are not limited to, advertising, engineering, education, hospitality, high te... Read More
  • Tedde McMillen

    Tedde McMillen After agreeing to help daughter Heather launch Oregon Chai, Teddy McMillen served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the first three years of the company s founding and guided them to one-million dollars in sales. She was responsible for all manufacturing of Oregon Chai and developed six new beverages at NAFT s Fancy Food Show. She led Oregon Chai to huge profitability and to become the leader... Read More
  • Greg Moran

    Greg Moran Utilizing more than a decade of human capital management, sales and leadership experience, Greg Moran serves as President and CEO of Talent Management Group, LLC and PeopleAnswers America. He is a rising thinker in the field of human capital management, having been quoted in numerous national publications including Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Magazine.Most recently, Greg found... Read More
  • Tapan Munroe

    Tapan Munroe Tapan Munroe, Ph.D. is a recognized author, speaker, consultant and advisor in economics. His expertise includes regional economics, environmental economics, and high-tech industry analysis. His current research and writings focus on the economics of innovation and economies of the Silicon Valley and Bay Area and other high-tech regions.... Read More
  • Jim Ramerman

    Jim Ramerman As an innovative organizational consultant, Jim Ramerman has spent more than 25 years helping leaders and their teams find better ways to work to achieve their goals. He creates instruments and techniques that, combined with thought-provoking and effective dialog, provide insights that lead to long term positive change. Jim provides an encouraging and probing consultative presence. He invites his ... Read More
  • Adrie Reinders

    Adrie Reinders Adrie Reinders has founded three successful IT companies in the last three decades. Over the course of his professional career he has served as an advisor and board member for numerous successful private and public companies including serving as Chairman for Residex Ventures. Adrie is fiercely committed to assisting technology companies achieve quicker and more effective sales results by offering ... Read More
  • Jim Ryerson

    Jim Ryerson Jim Ryerson is Founder and President of Sales Octane, Inc., a group of individuals dedicated to helping others apply time-honored sales principles to grow themselves and their business. Jim started his selling career with Herman Miller, Inc., where he became President of Herman Miller Workplace Resource with annual sales of $15,000,000. First 100 Days Of Selling is a comprehensive walk through how... Read More
  • Sandra Sellani

    Sandra Sellani Sandra Sellani is Vice President of Marketing for Sperry Van Ness International, Inc. a commercial real estate brokerage firm that has grown from $2.1 billion to $12 billion in sales within the last five years. Sandra's work began in the healthcare industry where she worked as marketing and business development director for Fortune 500 Charter Medical Corporation, at the time, the world's largest ... Read More
  • Dr. Gregg Steinberg

    Dr. Gregg Steinberg Gregg M. Steinberg, Ph.D., is an associate professor of sport psychology at Austin Peay University. His many clients have included the 1993 University of Florida men’s golf team that won the NCAA team championship, as well as professional golfers and top athletes from a wide array of sports. Dr. Steinberg is the associate editor of Journal of Sport Behavior. He lives near Nashville, Tennesse... Read More
  • Chris Stiehl

    Chris Stiehl Chris Stiehl is currently a consultant for companies like Palm, Cisco, LifeScan (Johnson & Johnson) and other “high tech” companies. Stiehl worked in product design, competitive intelligence and market research for Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM, including participating on their winning Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award team. He also worked on product design and job design... Read More
  • Mary Walshok

    Mary Walshok Mary Walshok, Ph.D. is an author, educator, job creation expert, dean of University Extension and associate vice chancellor for public programs at the University of California San Diego. She is a thought leader and subject matter expert on employability, career reinvention, and the new innovation economy.... Read More
  • Chien Wang

    Chien Wang Chien J. Wang discovered the power of networking when he joined an international business organization and was amazed at the many opportunities previously unavailable to him. Consequently, Chien was convinced that networking was going to be the crux of his business and life strategies. He became involved in many organizations and developed into an expert networker by attending ten events per week ... Read More
  • Tanya York

    Tanya York Tanya York is the founder and CEO of York Entertainment, York International Inc, and Urban Girl productions, and specializes in producing and distributing high concept genre-driven independent films throughout the world. Ms York has enjoyed distribution in every major video retailer (including Wal-Mart, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Big Lots, & Hollywood Video) nationwide. An expert in independent fi... Read More
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